CRM-RO hot air circulation baking oven/rotary oven /bake oven, rotary oven for sale , baking oven manufacturer

hot air circulation rotary oven / baking oven/ bake oven manufacturer/ rotary oven for sale / bake oven manufacturer
Product Information
CRM-RO hot air circulation rotary oven / baking oven/ bake oven

Hot air circulation rotary oven is the key equipment for the food production line, It adopts burner or electric heating or gas.

You could choose different heating method according to your demand . Price is a little different . 

The inside and front side of the oven are made of stainless steel, it’s clean and hygiene. This oven adopts hot air convection, hot air circulation, and combines with trolley to ensure the food heated equally. and it guarantees the food in the oven with the standard tempreture.

After baking for some time , the food will be equally baked and full of elasticity, rosin and tasty.

We will offer trolley and cake trays with rotary oven . The trolley and trays pictures as below . 

CRM rotary oven could bake the following products 

CRM Rotary oven/ baking oven Parameters 
Model          Capacity(kg/h)  Baking  Time Temperature Power(kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Heating method 
CRM-ROE-50     50 Adjustable  20-300℃ 38 2000*1400*2500 1200 Electric heating tube 
CRM-ROE-100    100 Adjustable 20-300℃ 56 2400*1400*2500 1800 Electric heating pipe
CRM-ROG-50     50 Adjustable 20-300℃ 2.8 2000*1400*2500 1200 Burner
CRM-ROG-50    100 Adjustable 20-300℃ 3.5 2400*1400*2500 1800 Burner

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